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I've noticed horrible speeds on Verizon since the deprioritization. I travel through out the US, and have noticed bad speeds at airports, malls, stores. Tonight I went to the mall, and it wasn't even that busy and my iPhone would barely load any data. I ran speed tests and you can see the pathetic results. It feels like going back to dial-up, except dial-up was more reliable.

What's the point of paying for Verizon prepaid if you get worse speeds than Sprint? This reminds me of being on Sprint for the last 10+ years.

I'm debating going to GoPhone, but I like to carry phones from 2 different providers for better reliability. Sadly at this point my Cricket phones are working perfectly 99% of the time compared to less than 50% of the time with Verizon prepaid.

I'm so used to not having data now on my Verizon line, it's sad. I need to have reliable service and this is not working for me.

I need something that allows tethering officially. I tether unofficially on Cricket but don't want to run into trouble. Wondering what other options might work.