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Thread: SK EPP plan with AB number

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    SK EPP plan with AB number

    Hey there, this thread is not about "how to get the SK plan, or how to port the number," but I have a quick question.

    1- I got an EPP code and website link from my employer with a username and password

    2- I went on the website Bell Business eOrdering portal and logged in with the EPP info provided to me

    3- During the sign-up process, I have been able to select an LTE sim card only for BYOD

    4- I was able to select usage city as Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

    5- There is also a step to request number port, and I entered my Alberta phone number on that screen

    6- Final step asks for address, and I put my AB address

    7- It allowed all the above, while choosing an SK plan with 15gb data

    8- The last and final step is to click on the "Buy" button, and it says that it takes 3 business days to receive the SIM.

    So, in summary, will this work, or will it be stopped by Bell, even though their site is allowing it, because of my AB number or billing address? Thanks!

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    My guess is stop but if good news let us know
    Koodo $40 Canada Wide + 8GB
    Public $120 Province Wide + 12GB - $6 Autopay - $9 Loyalty - $45 Refer = $20 per Month
    Freedom $35 ($37-BTS) North America Wide + 8GB + 1GB Roaming

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