A friend of mine wants to sell his Pixel for a few hundred dollars. I’ve been an iPhone user for years. I use my phone often throughout the day and use a lot of Google services so I wanted to buy the phone and play around with it and see if I can use it as my daily phone. Of course I would lose iMessage and FaceTime. However, I wanted to know how it would work on T-Mobile. I know T-Mobile has pretty much said that it works great on the network. However, I’m curious if any features are blocked or just don’t work when using it on T-Mobile. For example, I’m assuming it has Volte and visual voicemail? Those two are important to me. Is the visual voicemail bully into the dialer or do I have to download a third party app. Also, I know many years ago a lot of social media apps were substandard on Android phones compared to iPhones. Has that changed?