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Thread: PagePlus rolling out VoLTE / HDVoice / Visual Voicemail

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    Quote Originally Posted by mframe View Post
    As I explained in post #41, I had this same issue with my Verizon LG G2 (also one of the first VoLTE-capable phones). I think the VoLTE can only be activated in these phones by Verizon itself (still with difficulty), but not by MVNOs.
    That could be true since they are SVLTE and VoLTE phones, and for some reason, those phones are enforcing the SVLTE and not seeing the VoLTE. Really hard to know.

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    My votes for a quick easy fix. Get a newer phone. Allot of deals out there.

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    rpz1.....I'm thinking a new phone might just be the ticket. I'll need to find a phone (S7?) that is similar to the S5. My spouse isn't good with change.

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