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Thread: RedPocket GSM-T Call Forwarding?

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    Quote Originally Posted by philovance View Post
    RP c/s told me they don't support VOLTE but tbh I take anything they say with a large grain of salt.
    If it helps to know, the app Network Cell Info shows my setup as VoLTE capable now that I'm on GSMT. When I make a call my phone never drops back to 3G. When on GSMA, it stated that my setup wasn't VoLTE capable, and it always dropped to 3G when placing a call. It looks good so far about VoLTE support on T-Mobile's network.

    Red Pocket has worked well for me, when I wanted to try disabling voicemail they were willing to do what they could, and they made it fairly painless when I switched from GSMA to GSMT. Hopefully at some point they will support CCF, or at the very least let you completely disable VM. My only real sticking point is that they could improve their communication a bit - sometimes they don't update a person about the status of a request, and I've noticed they don't always answer questions in places like Slickdeals about their support for specific features. I'm not sure if they just lack the staff, or if it's the subject matter they don't want to respond to, or some other reason. That said, the shortcomings haven't been so bad when I consider that they've been more helpful than not, plus I greatly enjoy a much lower bill each month. If it stays this way and continues to improve, I'll likely be purchasing another annual plan when my current one is complete.

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    I believe T-Mobile did not allow CCF on prepaid because they don't want customers to get around not using their balance for incoming calls.

    Nowadays, that does not really apply since most new plans have some form of unlimited calling.

    I used to have a postpaid plan that came with 500 call forward conditional minutes which I would use by calling my postpaid number from a $1/day unlimited M2M prepaid plan then forwarding to a non T-Mobile number. This was useful since my postpaid plan only came with 75 whenever minutes.

    Another special use case is being able to set the 'call forward on busy' setting to a disconnected number so when a scammer called, pressing decline would direct them to a number disconnected message rather than voicemail.

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