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Thread: Red Pocket 5gb lte unlimited talk and text - Ebay w/[email protected] coupon is 204.00.

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    Using the:
    "Already have an existing PIN, Voucher, or Airtime Card?"

    in My Account on to upgrade from the 1GB plan to this 5GB plan should work just fine
    without changing the existing GSMA SIM, correct?

    Current plan expires on the 14th. Is it safe to put the new PIN in on the 14th? Or better the day before?

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    You can put it in on the day they tell you to refill.

    Yes, I have changed plans by inputting a different tier activation code(went from the Amazon 3gb plan to the eBay 2gb plan) without issue.

    In the past, I have inputed my pin on Page Plus a few days after my expiration date to extend my date with no ill effect. I think up probably have about 30 days before they completely expire your account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digital Rules View Post
    Yes it does. I just bought the 500, 500, 500 plan for $84 last week when e-bay had a site wide 15% off sale. They usually have 1 to 2 sales every month.

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    If you see that sale again will you
    Post in here about it. I seem to always miss it. Thanks!

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