I know nothing about how much money providers make with MVNOs, I hope someone can enlighten me.

I have recently moved my whole family to Mint Sim from Boost Mobile, T-Mobile and Cricket(yes, I had everyone on a different network). I am on Boom! Red because my phone is a CDMA device and I don't want to leave the Verizon network. Both of these providers sell dirt cheap plans, with Mint selling wireless service at a mere $15.00 a month if I buy it in year chunks. Boom is another good deal at $20.00 but that is way less data on it because I use a feature phone.

My question is, how does these folks make money selling plans so cheap? Mint is crazy cheap and it looks like Ultra Mobile has a lot of different brands. Not sure about Boom!, they seem pretty small. I really don't know how FreedomPop makes money either other than people not paying attention to the fine print. Will the party be over at some point? With everything from food to cable bills going up, why is it not that way with the cell phone plans?