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Thread: Huawei Ascend XT2 HT711 - file transfer

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    Huawei Ascend XT2 HT711 - file transfer

    File transfer (usb/Bluetooth) from Win7 laptop works easily, like any other Android device.
    Need assistance with transferring files from Windows 10 desktop to this phone. Works easily with Nexus 7, but unsuccessful with the Huawei.
    Win10 File Manager sees the phone. Occasionally will also see Internal storage and the SD storage categories, but not any data within.
    Upon USB connection, a virtual drive appears with link to install a file transfer utility. Yet this phone will not "connect" even after changing USB options to transfer. The utility installs files ID'd as virus by Defender.
    I therefore transfer files from Win10 desktop media server across the LAN, through the Win7 laptop or desktop - to this phone.
    Believe there must be an easier method.
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