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Thread: Please help! Data Only Plan problems... No connection after March 31

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    Please help! Data Only Plan problems... No connection after March 31

    Hi guy,

    Hoping someone can help as I'm going around in circles with Freedom and can't anywhere.

    I have 3 old data only lines.

    $10/1 gig of data that I get for $5 each cause of the bundle savings thing.

    Something happened in April and I can't connect anymore and Freedom can't tell me what to fix

    I have 3 old Wind Hotspots Huawei E586E's that used the old (this worked up to March 31st)
    Now they all say no signal. (I`m using old micro sim cards)

    So they told me to get a new sim and i got a new nano sim to test on its Freedom Mobile 32 in the settings now.
    They also told me to change the APN to cause my devices are data only. I did that and still no signal.

    I decided to test the sim on my iphone SE and Pixel 2xl

    I put the nano sim in my iphone and it shows 3g signal but can`t connect online, i get a `you are not subscribed to cellular service`message. I can`t change the APN on the iphone either. Support had me send a text to 41 111 and it send me a text message with "apn settings" but it kept giving me connection timeout issues.

    So I then tried to put the nano sim in my pixel 2xl, it auto setup but only shows signal bars... no LTE or 3g. If I setup a new APN with it loses signal completely.

    Any idea what needs to be done?

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    Make sure you’re spelling it:
    With 2 M’s

    Try that. If that doesn’t work, I’m out. Lol

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    the plan is lte? if not its changed to pay per use

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    Try changing the APN to that works for me on the 1 gig of data only plan.

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    same for me. I bought a new sim to "update" to LTE and it didn't work on a Moto 4e or moto z play. I called freedom and was told if the phone wasn't sold by Freedom that they don't care if it doesn't work. Only works but the CSR was clueless.

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