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If you need a data SIM while visiting Copenhagen, this is the one to get.

Lebara Mobile is an MVNO that uses the Telenor and Telia networks in Denmark. It's not to be confused with Lycamobile, another MVNO that has more aggressive marketing but offers a less-generous data bucket. You'll see Lycamobile being advertised on billboards and in shop windows—you might even see staff selling them at Kastrup International Airport. But if you can resist the temptation until you get to the city centre, you'll be rewarded with 30GB of fast LTE data for a quite reasonable 149 DKK, the equivalent of about $32 CAD or $25 USD.

The SIM is valid for 50 days and also includes 10 hours of local calls.

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I used OpenSignal to do some random speed testing when I remembered to; here's my best recorded download speed, at the Fisketorvet shopping mall. During my 10-day visit I ended up using less than 6GB, which included a whack of last-minute podcast and YouTube downloads for the flight home. I never had to rely on hotel or restaurant WiFi, either, which is always a plus.

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So where do you find yourself one of these Lebara SIMs? Any supermarket or convenience store should stock them. If you're staying at Ibsens Hotel, you can buy them one street over at this Døgn Kiosken. Remember, ignore the Lycamobile ads!