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Thread: Moto X4 worthwhile upgrade to Moto X Pure? Or wait for Moto G6?

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    Moto X4 worthwhile upgrade to Moto X Pure? Or wait for Moto G6?

    My Moto X Pure is biting the dust.. the charging port is failing and it charges super slow with the stock charger. No other charger works with it anymore.

    I need a sub $300 phone with stock android and expandable memory which will work on the Verizon network. Should I get a Moto X4 as a replacement? Or should I wait a few more weeks for a G6?

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    I'm in the same boat, only my charge port has lost a chunk out of it. I'm getting by with pulling the battery out of the phone and manually charging it. Tedious, but it gets the job done. I also have the screen ghosting issue, so there's that.

    So what will the new king of mid-range phones be?

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