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Thread: Interesting disclosures by metro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ls3mach View Post
    I am in a pink market. Highest I've ever seen is 72. Most of my test are less than 10Mb. Many under 1Mb. It's pathetic.
    Yea TMobile is like any other carrier, has it's good spots and bad spots. Even in the same town you can have 150+Mbps download speeds in one part of town and less than 1 in another. I have both TMobile and at&t and see the same on both. Some areas att is better, some TMobile is better. I've seen over 200mbps down on both carriers and seen under 1 down on both, I'd say overall att is more consistent, but TMobile wins out on peak speeds. At least here, every area will be different.

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    I am expressing my personal opinions and not speaking on behalf of MetroPCS. Thus they should be taken only as my individual views and not endorsed by MetroPCS in any way.

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