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    Full Circle Verizon

    Many years ago I started with Verizon, back when it was just phone service, no texting, basic phone. I think my initial plan was contracted at like 14.99 a month, eventually went to 20.00 a month for several years. When I moved into the smart phone realm, kept the service but didn't like the cost. So I decided to go to the pre-paid plan to save some money.
    Dislikes--- once I left Az it would not let me roam without more $$ being added. Also seemed the service was weaker in certain areas. Unfortunately out west there are a lot of holes in the Verizon and other services.
    Got a back up phone thru TING, just a flip phone, new number, in case of emergencies. Gets a better signal in my house than the Verizon one does.

    Once again started shopping other providers. Decided on BOOM mobile, it would let me keep my Samsung Note 3 and it uses what appears to be Verizon service with roaming options, and I could port my number.
    Unfortunately, unable to activate that service. Either the porting didn't fully happen although all indications were it did and my verizon service was disconnected; or there was a SIM card problem. Although I cannot recommend BOOM mobile for my area, their customer service worked with me off and on for several hours, ultimately unable to solve the problem but assisted in a quick porting ( on a Sat) of my number back to Verizon.

    So, I am back in the post paid world, paying a little more but is somewhat less on a low data plan than what I used to pay. I don't use much data on the phone anyway, prefer tablet or PC, easier to see on big screen.

    Oh, and have a SAT phone. Able to get an older handset pretty reasonable from Amazon, and activated thru Globalstar, although they raised their prices considerably. Used to have a 40.00 a month plan for 45 min but no longer. I go plenty of places no cell service and the phone calls I have made on it are incredibly clear. I'll have to suspend service if they go up much more but so far has been worth it.

    After a while I will probably get another smart phone and try again to go to a reseller to save some money. TING has been very good, the only reason I did not go there as my present phone was not compatible.
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