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Thread: Is Verizon prepaid going to be extending 3G/nonvolte device activations?

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    Is Verizon prepaid going to be extending 3G/nonvolte device activations?

    Heard originally ALL Verizon sources, Verizon Post/prepaid and mvnos were supposed to not be allowed to activate 3G cdma and non volte LTE devices on their repectives systems as of July 1, 2018 but now hearing the mvnos have gotten an extension to December 31, 2018. Does anyone know or can confirm if this applies to Verizon prepaid as well?

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    FWIW: "It's not known if the extension also applies to Verizon Prepaid and postpaid. In fact it looks like it doesn't, at least for non-LTE devices. Verizon's list of approved non-Verizon devices still has a big banner at the top of the page reading "Effective July 1st, 2018, Verizon will no longer accept uploads or activations for any CDMA-only MEID/ESN on our network." (see image above)."

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    so Verizon 3G will be dead by 12/31/19 huh? I was about to pick up one, but I guess 18X5+$140 = not worth it =(

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