I plan to port out of Airvoice to Puretalk. I hoped to time this well, but may have fallen short. My Puretalk sims (for myself and 2 kids) are not due to arrive until Fri evening and our Airvoice service would need to be renewed by Saturday.
So, I am try8ing to figure out if I should just wait until the next month to port out (which I would prefer not to do as I will have more data on that plan which will help out during some travel this coming month of service).
-Take a chance that the sims get here and allow me to port out on Saturday (does anyone know if I would still have access to my phone numbers for a couple of days if I don't renew by Saturday)?
-Purchase the $5/5day Airvoice plan, which would be $15 for the 3 of us to give us some extra time for the sim to arrive and be able to port.

Any advice?