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Before anything else I need to make it perfectly clear that this is only a render. There has been no firm indication from Motorola that their iconic Razr, the impossibly-thin feature phone that conquered the world in the early 2000s, is making a comeback. All we have at the moment are unsubstantiated rumours.

There is, however, some hard evidence that Moto is planning some sort of foldable smartphone.

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These illustrations, courtesy of the Dutch site Let's Go Digital, are from a filing submitted by Motorola to the World Intellectual Property Organization, clearly showing a device with a flexible hinge and display. Unfortunately that display bends along the device's vertical, rather than horizontal, axis. What difference does that make? Back to the render we go!

Again, this is only one fan's flight of fancy, and in no way represents any confirmed hardware designs from Motorola. But hey, we can still dream, right?

Sources: Let's Go Digital (Dutch), T3