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Thread: Rebble Web Services are Live!

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    Post Rebble Web Services are Live!

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    Best. Canada Day. Ever.

    For the past two weeks or so I've been cycling through my small collection of Pebbles (a Time, Time Steel and P2SE) and have come to realize that there's still nothing quite like them. The Amazfit Bip does have a similar always-on display but Pebble has buttons, live updating weather (the Bip has only a daily forecast) and voice replies. The Bip has better battery life and fitness tracking, but the Pebble is the better smartwatch of the two.

    Weather and voice dictation were set to be cut off from Pebbles yesterday, as Fitbit (who acquired the company's assets in November, 2016) prepares to shut down the legacy app store and web services. So imagine my surprise and delight when I came across this post on reddit from a member of the Rebble team, informing Pebblers that Rebble Web Services were powered up and ready to go:

    Enter the Rebble Era

    As detailed in our last blog post, existing Pebble users had the option to retain their Pebble account data by linking their Rebble accounts before the Pebble service End of Life on June 30th. Even if you missed out on the chance to link accounts, or are a new user (welcome!), the process for transitioning to RWS is the same:

    • log into (or create) your Rebble account at on your mobile device (it should already have the official Pebble app installed)
    • (optionally) subscribe to get weather and dictation services (and even better: support the project!) via your account page
    • visit from your mobile device to switch the Pebble app to Rebble Web Services!!!
    Without a paid subscription to RWS you'll still get access to all the old Pebble apps and watchfaces, but if you're willing to pony up a mere $3 USD per month (or $33/year) then your Pebble will have access to voice dictation and weather, just like before. There are currently over thirty-six thousand Pebblers subscribed to r/pebble—if half of them got a yearly subscription Rebble would take in well over half a million bucks for their efforts. If Eric Migicovsky had only thought of this, maybe Pebble would still be around.

    The next best thing is Rebble; thanks to them my favourite smartwatch is back from the dead!

    Source: via r/pebble
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    Yay! One more reason to flip the finger to Fitbit.

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