Although I have had ios products since their inception, I never had any need or interest in jailbreaking. At least until recently.

I am more than very frustrated I must bring a real PC type machine with me, in addition to my iPad, when I travel so I can access data on a USB memory stick. The iPad certainly has the digital chops to easily do this but for reasons I am sure important to Apple this ability is disabled. The iPad can read pictures from a USB memory device but not PDF files.

So, logically, my thoughts now turn to hacking/jailbreaking an iPad so I only have to carry a single computer with me and that preferably is my iPad mini.

I was surprised to see virtually no activity recently in what I expected to be a very active jailbreaking forum. How come?

I will happily go to the effort to jailbreak my iPads if they can be made to read pdf files stored on a hardware encrypted USB memory device or even an external hardware encrypted SSd.

For a number of very good reasons to me I have no interest in using cloud storage to do this.