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Thread: WiFi Doesn't Default to ON at Power-up on Samsung Galaxy J3

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    Quote Originally Posted by chasham View Post
    Power down only; sleep is OK.
    Just making sure. A lot of the suggesting apply to sleep.

    I really can't think of any settings that would cause the phone not to power up with WiFi in the same state as when you shut down. Same goes for Bluetooth, location, volume levels, etc. The phone should restart with all that the same.

    Do other things remember state correctly?
    Can you remove the battery in that phone?

    Try pulling the battery instead of shutting down. Does it remember WiFi (or other) state when you power up again?

    What about holding power button til it turns off (don't choose anything, just hold button or ~10 seconds

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    I implemented all the many suggestions (except Reset Network Settings) and the situation seems resolved-- at least for now. WiFi is on when I power-up the phone!

    I guess the big unknown is that since I did them all at once rather than trying one at a time, no telling which step actually did the trick...

    Thanks for all the help.

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