This is a Permanent IMEI Based Service to Unlock AT&T Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Easily and Safely provided by UnlockBoot Team. An iPhone 6 from the network service provider AT&T comes locked with the network. You cannot switch the network under any normal circumstances. One of the key reasons for incorporating such locks on an iPhone is to keep the customer on their network and to avoid customers from switching the networks.

Most of the people lack the knowledge that AT&T locked iPhone 6 or 6 Plus can be unlocked and can be used with other network SIMs if you are ready to spend a few bucks. Yes, it is true, even though AT&T does not want you to do it; the Apple.Inc adds the option on their products to unlock the network lock. I will help you unlock AT&T iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with ease.
We know that Apple is very serious about their product and their services. They never appreciate the user or a third party altering their system software or hardware, they have clearly mentioned that the warranty would void if the device were altered in any ways. You might wonder why I had to tell it here, yes, it is important, people tend to jailbreak their Apple devices to unlock their network locks and to alter the device setting, I would say, forget the product warranty if you jailbreak the device. So, this leaves us only one method to unlock the iPhone 6 network lock. This method is using the IMEI-based AT&T iPhone unlock service. Here is more about this method.

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Unlock AT&T iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Using UnlockBoot - Top Benefits:

  • This method is commonly referred to as permanent unlock method.
  • Unlocking the device using IMEI unlock service method is the safest and easiest method.
  • You will have to spend a few bucks to purchase the unlock service from a verified website.
  • You need not have to be a professional to perform this procedure.
  • Your product warranty does not void.
  • You can use any network SIM’s on your device.
  • Unlocking the iPhone will increase its resale value.

Steps to Unlock AT&T iPhone 6 and 6 Plus by IMEI Using UnlockBoot

Step 1: Visit the verified AT&T iPhone unlock service provider

Step 2: Dial *#06# on your AT&T locked iPhone 6 and you will get the IMEI number on the screen. Note down and save the IMEI number.

Step 3: Now, on the homepage of any of this site, you will find a fill up form with option to enter the country details, service provider, and IMEI code. Fill in these details as requested on the form and click the unlock button.

Step 4: The page will now display a few packages and their rates, select any one package and purchase the package.

Step 5: Once you have successfully completed the purchase and completed, a confirmation message will be send to your email. Open this email, the same email will carry the “unlock confirmation” and almost every instruction to unlock AT&T iPhone 6 Plus or 6 by IMEI permanently.

Step 6:Now, switch on your PC or laptop and then open the iTunes, PS: unlocking process demands latest iTunes version, if your iTunes is not up to date, download the latest version of iTunes from the official Apple website or click here instead

Step 7: Pick your iPhone 6 and connect it to the system via the lightning cable provided by the manufacturer. PS: before connecting to the system, check if your Smartphone iOS is up to date, if not, update the iOS.

Step 8: Remove the AT&T SIM card from the device and insert the new network SIM (T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Rogers, Telus, O2, Vodaofne, etc..

Step 9: Now, on your PC/Laptop open iTunes, the system will now detect the iPhone. Now disconnect the device and then reconnect after 10 seconds. You should see this message in iTunes: "Congratulations your iPhone has been unlocked".

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Unlock Your AT&T iPhone NOW

Your AT&T device will be unlocked permanently now.

Things to remember when unlocking your AT&T iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

  • If the device can't be unlocked, try again to restore it. But, remember not to try it multiple times. Contact us for more help on this.
  • Do not try to jailbreak an iPhone under any circumstances, the manufacturer/brand considers it illegal and against warranty norms
  • If you prefer to use another website than the ones mentioned above for purchasing an unlock service, check if the websites are genuine, most of the sites do not refund the amount once paid.

Unlocking your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus locked to AT&T will allow you to enjoy the freedom to switch networks whenever you want, follow the steps above and you can easily unlock AT&T iPhone 6 Plus or 6 by IMEI. If you have some additional questions contact support at