"Server not responding" error FIX

Device Unlock App will unlock your device in certain conditions, you can check if your phone is eligible by checking the T-Mobile Device compatibility page or just by trying it and pressing the Permanent Unlock button from the Device unlock app. If you trying it and you get a message like "Unlock Failed": This mobile wireless device is not eligible for unlocking. For Device Unlock eligibility details, please go online or contact Customer Care, basically means the phone is not eligible for a free unlock from T-Mobile.

In this case you do not need to panic is still a way to get it done, you can get a T-Mobile Device Unlock service from onlineunlocks.com and you will have your phone unlocked in a few days max.

Device unlock app in some cases can return with different types of errors. One of those errors can be "Server not responding". We can help you fix this error with some simple steps.

Please do not order any service if you have this error, "Server not responding" is a connection error between the phone and the server and it will not show "Eligible" to be unlocked until the error is fixed.
Okay, let's start and eliminate what may be the cause of the problem:

  • There is a firewall on the phone or on the rooter of the wifi you are connected to that might stop the connection to the server. Verify if you have any antivirus program installed on your device and stop it for a bit and if not check on your router if you have access or if not just use other internet connection.

  • Might be a problem with the Device Unlock app. To fix this first of all clear the application cache. From the Home screen, tap Settings > Apps. Select the Device Unlock app and if available select Clear Cache. Can also try and clear all cache by booting into recovery mode (turn off then hold home(Bixby) power and volume Up) then select “Wipe cache partition”

  • The phone might be reported lost or stolen and because of that is blacklisted by T-Mobile. Can verify on the T-Mobile website the exact status and contact us afterwards if you do not understand the exact status or what can be done here T-Mobile IMEI Status.

  • Might be a problem with T-Mobile server. Even if this is less possible, I know cases when has happened, so just wait for a few hours, do a restart and maybe even change the wifi connection and try again.

  • One of the most common reasons might be the fact that the phone is not showing in the T-Mobile database, either is not a T-Mobile phone or was not activated with T-Mobile SIM.

  • How cannot be T-Mobile since it has the T-Mobile software on it? If you are not the original owner of the phone and you know for certain that is T-Mobile can be a phone from a different network that was flashed with the T-Mobile firmware. Also if it was never activated with a T-Mobile SIM that might be the reason why was not showing in the T-Mobile database. You can verify on the T-Mobile website to see exactly if is showing on not in the T-Mobile database here: T-Mobile page

  • The phone might be rooted or have other not official changes made to it. Try and make a firmware upgrade if available: Settings menu → Software update and select “Download updates manually” to check for any updates.

  • If not working can try to do a factory reset from System settings > Backup & reset. As a last resort can go ahead and restore full firmware either using the program Odin or Samsung Kies. This last part might be a more complex process so if you decide to do this look carefully into it or ask help from a professional, can contact us on the chat our website OnlineUnlocks.com.

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