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Thread: Moto G6 Play Hotspot problem

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    Question Moto G6 Play Hotspot problem

    I bought a Moto G6 Play through Best Buy to use on the Red Pocket GSMA plan. (AT&T) In testing it out I discovered that when the hotspot function tried to connect to the network it would bring up the browser on a website that was verifying my account and balance. After a few seconds a Red Pocket plain text page would load saying I had no data or minutes left in my plan, even though I did. Two plus hours on chat support with RP couldn't get it fixed even though CS Leslie tried her best to solve the issue, bringing higher levels of tech on line, resetting numerous things, and even giving me 250MB of data free to test with.

    We never got it fixed and when I tried H2O I got their equivalent page. However, BB phone sales in store swapped in a native AT&T sim and hotspot worked. Hotspot also worked on Verizon and T-Mobile.

    I took the G6 Play back, swallowing the $35 restocking charge from BB, and bought a G5 Plus. It works flawlessly on RP and H2O hotspots. The G6 Play was on Android 8.0 and the G5 is on 7.0.

    It's got to be a compatibility thing with AT&T mvno interface and the G6 Play is all I can surmise. Maybe Android 8.0 related. Has anyone else seen this?

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    Just contact support team or go to nearby service center.

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