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Thread: Looking for an older phone that is small

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    Looking for an older phone that is small

    I could use some advice. I don't like cellphones and I hate Android, but I do need one. Not for much, I am on a laptop most of the time so I use my phone very little other than to make calls and do the odd bit of map-reading. I like Motorola phones because I like the way they don't build much extra into android. If there were a linux equivalent, I would be buying it.

    I have been using a Moto E2, which I liked the feel of and in particular liked the size of, but it is just too sluggish. Even with only one app running (and I almost never do more than one thing at a time on my phone) it is just too slow.

    So I bought a Moto G Play. The Moto G Play seems speedy enough and has enough space and RAM to work okay but it is just too big. So I am looking again. What I was wondering is whether there might be an older Motorola phone, perhaps something from a few years ago, the same sort of generation as my Moto E2, that would have the speed, storage and RAM to work okay today. The crucial thing for me is size. I don't want anything physicall bigger than my Moto E2. So I probably want a 4.5 inch screen at most. An added bonus for me would be if its version of Android could no longer be updated. For me every updated version of Android gets worse. If I could be sure the phone would not get updates beyond Lollipop or at most Marshmallow, I would be happy. Also it has to be available at a reasonable price. I am not paying a premium price for a phone that was premium in 2015.

    Any recommendations?


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    There are two types of updates. A security update and OS update.

    Most budget phones don't get OS updates. I buy only budget phones and never had one that offered an OS update.

    Some budget phones get security updates and on mine I was able to ignore it so far.

    Also if you do have a phone that offers an OS update I am pretty sure you don't have to update it.

    It might help if you tell if you want an unlocked phone or what carriers you want the phone to work on.
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    I think the Note 4 beats all of these. It has a beautiful 2560x1440 Quad HD Display, 2.7Ghz Snapdragon and 3GB RAM for only $200USD. Clean Master Facebook Lite Mathway

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