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Thread: The Return of Palm? Really?

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    Way back in the long long ago my trusty sidearm was a Handspring Treo 270, a forebear to the circa-2003 Palm Treo 600 that you're seeing above. We smartphone users take such things for granted now, but back then having a PDA, mobile phone and Internet connection in a single device was nothing short of amazing. My Treo didn't even have a camera.

    That was, of course, some sixteen years ago—ancient history by mobile tech standards. So it's with some bewilderment that I report to you today on a 2018 Palm-branded device which has just stopped by the FCC and WiFi Alliance.

    The Palm PVG100 was spotted by Android Police this week. PVG apparently stands for Palm Ventures Group; it turns out that TCL, which acquired BlackBerry's handset business in 2016, owns the rights to another storied PDA phone brand as well. And as BlackBerry has migrated to Android this new Palm device will likewise be powered by the world's dominant OS.

    If TCL is really going for the whole nostalgia experience here I'd be very interested in seeing what kind of skin this thing ships with.

    Source: Android Police
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    I would think (/hope) it would be WebOS era Palm, not Treo era Palm. /me wishing it ran WebOS with an Android runtime

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