Hi! We Onlineunlocks.com are known for making people happy with their newly unlocked phones. We offer quality services, being fast and trustworthy.

Well sometimes there are delays with the unlock services that are using the code generated from the IMEI, we can't do much about those.

With this method, there are no delays! This unlock method is very fast and it works for all of the J6 models from any network! Here you can find the service: Samsung J6 unlock

To be able to use this service there are some steps, basic ones, having a USB cable, Internet, and computer with Windows.

This does sound simple but these steps matter: you'll need a stable/ping free(under 300ms) Internet connection so that your device isn't disconnecting randomly which can lead to errors or can lead to a total restart of the unlock operation.

Same goes for the USB cable, you'll need a USB cable that is not bitten or damaged in any way because it may affect the connection. You don't want unstable connection while working with a device that is worth some money. So for the safety of your devices you should keep your pet outside the office or at least put the cables away or in a place where the cables can't be chewed.

A computer with Windows, we can't unlock on Linux(Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint) or even Mac, you'll have to either make a VM (Virtual Machine/Box) or try on the nearest Internet Coffe/Computer House. This exception with only Windows is available only for this type of unlock.

Here you have a list with the Samsung Galaxy J6 models that are supported:

-SM-J600F SM-J600FN SM-J600FD SM-J600G

Here is a short description of how the unlock is done:
-you buy/we connect&unlock/you are satisfied

After you bought the service you will see on the email with which you bought the service instructions that are needed before the unlock takes place.
If you don't understand or don't know something, don't worry! We have an online chat that will you guide you through the whole process.
Abot online chat, here is our Online Program.

This is why this unlock process takes around 10 minutes, sometimes less if the internet connection is good.

Of course you'll have to see what other people said about us to convince yourself that we are good, so to help you and to don't waste any more time here you have:

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