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Thread: Sprint holds another flash sale, offers the iPhone X for $5 per month

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    Sprint holds another flash sale, offers the iPhone X for $5 per month

    For those who have been eyeing the iPhone X since its release but can’t justify the hefty price tag, now might be your chance to make the purchase. With Sprint’s latest flash sale, the carrier is offering the iPhone X for $5 per month to new and existing customers — for one week only.

    This isn’t the first flash sale Sprint has offered this month, either. Up until August 9, the carrier was offering the iPhone 8 for only $8 per month. But this time around it’s a little different — in addition to being required to sign up for a new line with the Sprint Flex lease plan as well as having to add a new line of service, you’re also required to trade in an eligible device (all of which are listed on Sprint’s site).
    “The Internet wasn’t meant to be metered in bits and bytes, so it’s insane that wireless companies are still making you buy it this way. The rate plan is dead — it’s a fossil from a time when wireless was metered by every call or text.” John Legere 1/5/2017

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    I’m not a fan of Sprint, but with the pending merger now allowing Sprint customers to roam on T-Mobile this seems like a great deal.

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