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Thread: Verizon 5G 10/1/18

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoNic67 View Post
    He is not. You need to know how to read and not assume.
    "Verizon also announced today that YouTube TV and Apple TV 4K will be included with the initial 5G broadband offering."
    It says "initial". Doesn't mean "for life". Now we know it means 3 initial months.
    yeah I'm being condescending when he flat out implies I can not read or use the internet when he says "It's not difficult to find". Also it's common knowledge that if someone make a claim it's up to them to back it up with facts/links and not expect others to do the work. So his "It's not difficult to find" comment was out of line just on that basis.

    Let's see 3 months Youtube TV $120 value. 3 months free service $150 value( assuming Verizon wireless customer ) free Apple TV 4K $179 value. $449 in free stuff and STILL gotta hear "But it's not free forever"

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    Well I will be signing up to be a “First on 5g customer” even though it most likely won’t be in my area anytime soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobdevnul View Post
    It should work fine if you put your existing network router in bridge mode. That is transparent to them and beyond their control. I do this with my unlimited LTE hotspot and it works fine. The LTE hotspot doesn't have very good Wifi range and is limited to 5 users.
    Yeah, for the hotspots I've seen either letting them act as the router and then your standalone router acting as just a Wi-Fi access point/switch or the hotspot acting as purely a modem and then leave all the routing/Wi-Fi AP/switching to the standalone router. I know everyone is trying to provide a solution that does everything for the "average user" and discourages BYOD - AT&T sort of started that with the mandatory Uverse gateways (and now extenders for those) and Comcast's XFi setup is also getting into the mesh space. For many, that will be great that they won't have to worry about anything, but I'm hoping Verizon allows anyone that has a geekier setup to use just the modem function (also avoids double-NAT) and doesn't lock down their interface too much. The language on their page has me wondering how much of an install is really required to bring the outside connection in versus Geek Squad-style setup for the internal network:

    With a first-of-its-kind router, and expert installation with extenders, it covers every inch of your home.
    Still, since I can't be the guinea pig/data point, I'll be eagerly awaiting to see other reports. :-)

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