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Thread: Article: Google launches Emergency Location Service (ELS) in U.S. with T-Mobile

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    Article: Google launches Emergency Location Service (ELS) in U.S. with T-Mobile

    “The Internet wasn’t meant to be metered in bits and bytes, so it’s insane that wireless companies are still making you buy it this way. The rate plan is dead — it’s a fossil from a time when wireless was metered by every call or text.” John Legere 1/5/2017

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    google does nothing without getting data for their never ending appetite of your privacy. I would like to see the terms of this and what data they are getting access to in exchange for this. In a perfect world, we could count on their altruism, but this is not that world. google hoovers up every detail of your privacy and more, even when they say they are not. So while this seems nice, the devil is in the details and I would like to see them.

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