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Thread: smart watch not (ever) connected to provider?

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    smart watch not (ever) connected to provider?


    I'm wondering if there is a smart watch product out there that is capable of GPS and texting over WiFi (like an iMessage) that doesn't have any connection to a service provider. I'm thinking of something like an iPod touch that can send iMessage texts or emails, but doesn't have a phone number and is never connected to a phone number, it just uses the internet for communication.



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    An Apple watch might allow you to use iMessage and data via a Wifi connection without any cellular connection.

    Personally, I use a Samsung Gear 3 but those features only work when paired with my cellphone via Bluetooth. My smart watch requires no cellular plan (Data or voice) but I can make/rcv calls and use data when connected via Bluetooth. Bluetooth connections are not regulated by your cellular provider
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