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Thread: Here Is The Best Alternative Youtube Vanced For iOS

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    Here Is The Best Alternative Youtube Vanced For iOS

    Youtube is the most popular video sharing website in the world. This service was created by triple former members of Paypal in 2005 and this site was purchased by Google in 2006. Currently, it is being operated as a subsidiary of Google. Users love this website and use it frequently for various purposes. Some users create channels on Youtube and maintain it for long and get subscribers and earn from it. Some users watch films, movie trailers and educational videos on it. Users are allowed to watch, rate, share and comment videos for free on Youtube. Most of the times Youtube is used individually. But there are some cooperations that contribute to the Youtube. Though this website is being used a lot pop up ads are the bothersome thing. To avoid this problem Youtube Vanced for Android is the best solution. But Youtube Vanced for iOS is not available Currently.

    Alternative For Youtube Vanced For iOS

    Currently, Youtube ++ can be used as the best alternative for Youtube Vanced for iOS.This is the tweaked version of the official youtube application. Though it does not offers all the features as Youtube Vanced latest version it can be considered as quite a good solution to avoid bothersome Ads on iOS

    Highlights Of The Latest Youtube Vanced Apk

    Youtube Vanced Apk can be installed on up to Oreo devices including Rooted, Non-Rooted and magisk rooted devices. After installing, below-mentioned features can be used. But unfortunately Youtube Vanced For iOS version has not arrived yet and Vanced team still has not given at least a tip about this.

    • Ability blocks all Youtube ads faster and better
    • New Logo
    • Pinch To Zoom option
    • The picture in Picture feature for Oreo to use youtube while another app is being used
    • Togglable themes (White/Dark/Black)
    • New Or Old video window
    • Repeat Video option
    • Swipe control for volume and brightness
    • Preferred video speed and resolution for Youtube Videos
    • Background Playback

    How To Install Alternative For Youtube Vanced on iOS

    • Launch Safari browser
    • Download Tweakbox app
    • Follow the instructions to install the configuration profile
    • After installation go to the home screen and launch the app
    • Go to the "Apps" tab
    • Select "Tweaked Apps" and search for Youtube ++
    • When the app is found check if it has a green check mark beside it
    • If it has a green mark it is available to install
    • Open it and tap on "Install"
    • When the installation is completed go to Settings > General > Device and Profile Management and trust the app
    • Then the app is ready to use


    Youtube ++ is a better alternative for Youtube Vanced for iOS.Though it is not as successful as Youtube Vanced latest version it can offer reasonable value.

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    It is a good article about youtube vanced. But you forgot to mention Appzule as a place to download both youtube vanced and youtube ++. Click here to visit that website.

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    The only possible alternative for YouTube vanced on iOS is YouTube++, which is tweaked version of original with all the features of Vanced. I came across this tutorial on YouTube++ on internet and I followed the same to get it, surprisingly I got it without any errors. I hope this helps to this community also. Thank You. If anyone face issue, feel free to reply me here in this thread. I am an active participant here.

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