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Invites are going out for a Nokia event to be held in London on Thursday, October 4th. It could be the long-rumoured flagship Nokia 9, but is more likely to be this:

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The second-gen Nokia 7 Plus, which both Android Police and its source are calling the 7.1 Plus, will add the dreaded notch and chin combo to last year's FHD+ 18:9 display, ZEISS-powered cameras and "clean" Android One experience. It's expected that this year's update will be powered by an upgraded Snapdragon 710 processor and have RAM and storage options of up to 6 and 128 GB respectively.

Nokia has gotten a bad rap in this part of the world for its locked bootloaders and ad-riddled offerings on Amazon. But in Europe and Asia the storied brand of yore seems to be making quite the comeback. Die-hard Nokia fans can read more at the links immediately below.

Source: MySmartPrice via Android Police