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Thread: iPhone 4s Home Button

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    iPhone 4s Home Button

    Hi Its been awhile since being here.

    My son has got my old 4s and although working ok.

    The Home button is working, but has to be pushed hard to fuction.

    Would cleaning/soaking the button with rubbing alcohol cure the problem as seen in many posts or should the button be replaced.

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    The fix is to have the button replaced. However, you'll have to decide if you want to put that kind of money into the phone. Repair places will be able to quote you how much.

    I would not attempt to use rubbing alcohol. This may be a mechanical issue (the phone is quite old) which no liquid would help.

    One option (one I used on my iPhone 4 until I retired it) is to go into the Settings menu and look under Accessibility (or Adaptability; don't know what your version of iOS calls it). There is an option somewhere in there for displaying a virtual home button on the screen. The exact location and name may be different from what I just wrote but it does work decently well.

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