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Thread: move to SD Card

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    move to SD Card

    I have an LG G5 and I want to move what I can to my external SD card.
    I have an app called simplenotepad (by mightyfrog) that I have a choice to "Change storage" to "Internal storage" or "SD card".
    It is currently on "SD card" but it doesn't seem to be my external SD card.
    When I view the phone via USB I have two folders "Internal storage" and "SD card".
    The data seems to be under:
    Internal storage/simplenotepad

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    are you wanting to move the program to the SD card ?? the app probably means it saves files to the SD card instead of the phones internal storage.

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    I move everything to SD card

    I move everything I can to my SD card because I only have 8GB of internal storage. Are there any drawbacks to doing this?

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