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Thread: Q: USA only. Did anybody get the test "Presidential Alert" notification? I didn't.

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    Q: USA only. Did anybody get the test "Presidential Alert" notification? I didn't.

    Question USA only.
    Did anybody get the test "Presidential Alert" notification?
    I did not.

    'Trump alert': US mobile phone owners get test message
    "More than 200 million US mobile phones have received a test "Presidential Alert" notification.

    The trial is designed to check that a previously unused emergency communications system works properly.

    Unlike other alerts - such as natural disaster warnings - there was no way to opt out, except switching a device off or blocking its cellular connection.

    Some have described the test as a "Trump Alert" - but the US leader was not personally involved in the trial.

    Instead, the nationwide event is being run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema), which would also be in direct control of the system if a real alert was ordered by the US President, Donald Trump...."
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    Yes on all of the phones that I turned on to see if it would work.
    My Truphone the message was a half hour late.
    All of the others came in at the appointed time.

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