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Thread: Pixel 2 work in Spain and Morocco

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    Pixel 2 work in Spain and Morocco

    I live in Canada and bought my Pixel 2 from google store so its unlocked. I am running on Telus.

    I need to travel to Spain & Morocco and for business reasons I need to use my personal SIM. Telus will sell me roaming pans for both countries but because I didn't buy the phone from them they can't guarantee it will work there.

    Can anyone confirm it will work there, or let me know how I can find out? I've read that I could see which carriers Telus will link me to, what frequencies they support and what frequencies my phone supports and ensure they match, bu that's a ton of work and I don't even know how to find out what frequencies my phone supports.

    Any suggestions?

    TIA - R.

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