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Thread: Here is Who is bidding on the next two FCC mmWave Auctions

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    Quote Originally Posted by shilohcane View Post
    The Networks, Cable and Satellite companies used their political powers in the White House in 2014 to crush Aereo
    It's a shame. Great idea and they had subscribers. Too bad they didn't wait a few years before getting into this business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plane View Post
    How is it that sprint being the fourth largest carrier holds so much spectrum,yet has possibly the worst native coverage of any carrier. Also how Will Tm use sprints spectrum holdings,since lowband seems to be the thing currently?
    Sprint bought up a company called Clearwire that owned this high band spectrum. Clearwire tried to release a wireless internet service for homes using that spectrum. Sprint was an investor in Clearwire so Sprint was allowed to use this spectrum for their initial 4G release for phones for using Wi-Max instead of LTE. As you mentioned it is high band so it needs a lot of sites built to get good coverage. So it's not that helpful for improving native coverage.

    After the merger, T-Mobile will use the spectrum for it's original purpose to provide broadband internet to homes. They'll have more resources and better technology than Clearwire did so they project they can become the fourth largest ISP in the country by 2024.

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