I know how to decrypt some Nokia (S30) phones. I do it to extract ringtones from Nokia (original files.)
Everything went smooth with the Nokia 2600, but 1600 and 1208 have encrypted MIDI's
(The dots are nulls):
A real MIDI's header is 'MThd..... -(a/x)MTrk". Nokia 1600's MIDI header is 'MThc........MThp'.
Changing the header won't work.
Anyone help extracting the MIDI's into a regular MIDI, for extracting them sucessfully?
Here's the download for the chunk of the encrypted MIDI ringtone data (remove spaces):
drive .google . com /file /d/ 1EpxxGD2KgyveMmDWpMAZ9d-Mws_i1jeC/view?usp=sharing