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Thread: Stuck in the 'circle of poverty' with Virgin Mobile/Bell Mobility Canada?

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    Stuck in the 'circle of poverty' with Virgin Mobile/Bell Mobility Canada?

    I HATE having to talk to anyone from Virgin Mobile Canada.
    They outsource ALL of their service calls to a call center in the Philippines and usually, I have trouble understanding their agents. After initially speaking with an agent, I will frequently hang up and recall in order to get a different operator in the hopes that I will understand their English better. I find it so frustrating to constantly ask someone "..could you please repeat that?", "...I'm sorry, what was that?", "..Pardon me, what did you say?", "...could you talk a bit louder?" and eventually: "I did not understand what you have just said".
    I don't bother calling anymore but I DO have questions and feel that basically, I am with a carrier that just has no service support beyond sending me notifications for contest entries.

    If I had the choice, I would have paid for my cell phone in cash and never entered into a contract. Contacts are for the poor!
    But I do I understand that my options were/are limited. I have a poor credit rating, no credit card and no savings to speak of.
    A few years ago (before water resistance and waterproofing was standard) my daughter took my second, recently purchased iphone for a bath and shortly before this, my financial situation took a nose dive and so I had to be...greatfull.
    I went to my local mall to purchase the best phone I could for under 200$ and then went to The Telephone Booth where I found one fellow willing to help me. When this agent found, to his amazement, the ONLY carrier willing to approve my contract online and without asking for a downpayment, we were both amazed and as his hand hovered over the computer screen, afraid to time out oof the window and lose the luck I had just found. I signed up right away.

    Eventually, I was able to pick up a Samsung A8 (which I am very happy with) through a contract renewal with Virgin Mobile but wish that I could shop arund for a better plan and didn't feel a prisoner to this one carrier because I am poor.
    When you go to buy anything from Virgin Mobile, you will, of course, deal in person with a Canadian. It is not until you are signed up to that 2-year contract that you find out any help you may need from here on will be with someone who MIGHT speak English well enough.
    is it like this with any other carriers?

    My internet is with Teksavvy and when you call them, you speak to a Canadian who lives in a small town and works from home. The contrast is night and day when there is no language barrier. Even with a technical issue, I love that the I know that my call will never take long and that whatever issue I have, I know beforehand that it will be resolved quickly and efficiently; there is just no stress inlvovled at the idea of making the call.

    One of my computers is a Dell and for any service, I deal with agents in Bangalore. I find with India, service call stress and satisfaction is shaky. The agents are always technically savvy but again, it is a matter of understanding their command of English and this is the 50-50 toss up. With Dell though, I can always recall and eventually get a good English speaker or I can text.

    I understand that as a Canadian, we pay MORE but still - I know my phone bill is to high and I don't trust Virgin Mobile.
    I suspect that I would never go near this company if was financially healthy but I am not sure.

    I know that the cost of my phone was factored into my monthly bill. Essentially Virgin has let me purchase a phone that I couldn't otherwise pay for in cash, and I am paying it off with interest. (Believe me, I have already started saving so that I can buy a phone without a contract!) Until then...
    Should I just look at lowering my monthly bill as much as I can and be grateful? or are there better carriers out there and I have just assumed they are pretty much all the same?
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    If you feel that Virgin is offering the equivalent of no phone support, you could maximise value by switching to a carrier that has no actual phone support! That would be Public Mobile. Lower rates. No phones -- you bring your own. Prepaid. Owned by Telus with same network coverage. Public Mobile subscribers often get very attractive migration to postpaid Koodo, another Telus brand.

    Public Mobile just reactivated their on-again, off-again promotion plan of $40 for 4.5GB of data, unlimited talk and text.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackphone View Post
    If I had the choice, I would have paid for my cell phone in cash and never entered into a contract. Contacts are for the poor!
    Most of your post is just a rant for the sake of ranting but this gem stands out

    Rich people live on credit
    Only a poor person would ever refuse an interest free loan
    There are many books on these concepts at your local book stores (or library if you really are one of the have-nots)

    BTW you joined 13 years ago and this is your first post??? Really?
    Koodo $40 Canada Wide + 8GB + 1000 Intl LD
    Public $120 Province Wide + 12GB - $6 Autopay - $12 Loyalty - $45 Refer = $19 per Month
    Freedom $35 ($37-BTS) North America Wide + 8GB + 1GB Roaming

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