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Thread: Anyone using SpeedTalk?

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    Anyone using SpeedTalk?

    Currently using RedPocket's 500/500/500 eBay 360 day plan. Generally have to buy extra texts most months, so the SpeedTalk 500/unlimited/500 plan looks interesting.

    Anyone have any experiences? Do they have Black Friday sales on the ebay annual plans like RedPocket? Other than the fact that they're limited to T-Mobile anything else I should know?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I have been using Speedtalk since July 2016. No problems. Recently, 5 months ago, switched to their 500/unlimited/500 plan. No issues no problems .

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    Speedtalk user for more than a year here, too. No issues on call quality or (native) coverage on their cheapest plan ($4.95/mo) -- only that my originally-T-Mobile flip phone does not get readable texts from ST confirming another month's service and there seems to be no one home at Speedltalk "support" to address issues like that. Fortunately the phone is just an extra so if ST screws up a month I have some time to fix it.

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