I was using a Note 4 for years and smashed it recently. Was thinking of just replacing it with another one because they are cheap, have removable battery and SD card, and of course the stylus.

But I noticed I can get a much newer LG Q Stylo+ for just a bit more. However from looking at the hardware specs they are pretty close to the Note 4 specs and some comparison sites actually seem to give the Note 4 a better rating.

Would the LG Q Stylo+ actually be an upgrade over the Note 4? Is it a decent phone? I've pretty much only had Samsungs in my household for many years now after having HTC Windows Mobile devices previously.

Are there any other good upgrade options that keep the stylus but don't cost as much as a Note 8? I'm not interested in a Note 5 because it doesn't accept an SD card.