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Thread: Airvoice regular customer service is no longer US based

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    Airvoice regular customer service is no longer US based

    Had a problem billing on my long time $20 Air Voice plan ( going on at least two years now). I've called in twice and both times, the csr was NOT American and they admitted they were offshore (but said they couldn't say which country). The service was average. Maybe about Red Pocket's level. They're giving more competitive data on their plans now but the tradeoff was the loss of American CS. The one thing that made AV stand out is now gone sad to say. I heard that if you can't be helped by regular CS, they will bump you up to American CS again (like how Tracfone's Executive Resolutions steps in when regular Trac can't solve your issue.) But the good ol' days are gone.

    Air Voice is still okay. Still has good priced plans or at least decent ones. They're not bad but it's not the same.

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    I found that out myself last night. I appreciate US Mobile's excellent customer service but T-Mobile coverage at my new work location is terrible. I have an old AirVoice SIM card so I'll try out their $10/250 plan for a month. I can get more bang for my buck with Red Pocket, and the same AT&T prepaid coverage, but I already have the AirVoice SIM card. I don't really use more than 100-200 voice minutes a month and very little data because I'm around wifi most of the time.

    Anyway, yes, when calling CS about my port-in my call went to the Philippines (I assume) and although the CSR was friendly, he told me to call back during the day and ask for the porting department.
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