Phone: Orbic Slim 5 Android Smartphone (Unlocked) 4G, LTE
Carrier: T-Mobile.
Purchase Date: 04/2018
Signal strength in my area: 0 to 1 bar.
T-Mobile provided a Signal Booster that gives us 3+ bars 4G LTE.
We are using this phone as a hotspot and phone.
Had no problem streaming movies, tv, internet, text and voice.

As of 2 week ago, I can no longer make or receive voice calls. No problem streaming movies, TV, internet and text.
When about a 1/4 of mile from the house, or if we travel, every thing is normal and clear.

T-Mobile is talking about how they are converting to 5G, and that the problem can be with the phone.

Any ideas?
Thank you for your help.