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Thread: Latest OnePlus 6 Beta Includes International Data Roaming Service

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    Post Latest OnePlus 6 Beta Includes International Data Roaming Service

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    First, the bad news: what I'm about to describe is currently only available for the OnePlus 6, and furthermore, only users of that device who are enrolled in the open beta program.

    Now, the good news: Open Beta 7 for the OP 6 includes a new feature called OnePlus Roaming. From the official announcement:

    OnePlus Roaming lets you surf the internet without a local SIM card. It's like a virtual sim (only data, no calls); it should work globally in most of the countries/regions, and it will list out the plans available for the country/region you are in so that you can purchase a suitable plan and access the Internet without a SIM.

    Where can I find OnePlus Roaming?
    Settings -> Wi-Fi & Internet -> OnePlus Roaming
    How to use OnePlus Roaming?
    Step 1: Purchase Package
    Select the package you want and click to buy, then finish the payment.
    Step 2: Enable Package
    After arriving at the destination, choose the purchased plan from the ordered list and enable it.
    This infrequent world traveller is especially excited—no, make that ecstatic—after seeing some screenshots posted by Android Police. As someone who's had the good fortune of visiting Japan a fair bit I can say with confidence that I've never seen such affordable rates for data there, let alone a daily rate for unlimited use.

    Hopefully they make this service permanent, and bring it to their other devices as well!

    Source: OnePlus Forums via Android Police
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    thx for the information

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    waiting for it

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