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Thread: DoES free WiFi calling work on h2o plans?

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    DoES free WiFi calling work on h2o plans?

    On an Iphone 4, I didn't see anything in the settings to be able to adjust for WiFi calling.


    How does Wi-Fi Calling work?

    You can turn Wi-Fi Calling on or off in your phone’s settings. With Wi-Fi Calling, you can call, text, and use Visual Voicemail as you do on the cellular network. While in the U.S., Wi-Fi Calling is used when a cellular signal is weak or unavailable. While traveling in many countries outside the U.S., your phone will automatically use the Wi-Fi network instead of a mobile network when both are available. (Wi-Fi Calling is restricted in some countries.)
    How can I find out if my Phone supports Wi-Fi Calling?

    The list of devices that support Wi-Fi Calling can be found on the Overview tab of this page.
    Can I call and text people who aren’t using Wi-Fi Calling?

    Yes, you can use Wi-Fi Calling to make and receive calls and texts (SMS/MMS) as you do on the cellular network, even if the people on the other end aren’t using Wi-Fi Calling.
    What do I need to do to use Wi-Fi Calling?

    1. You need a smartphone that supports Wi-Fi Calling and a postpaid wireless account that is set up for AT&T HD Voice.

    2. You need to set up Wi-Fi Calling on your phone.

    iPhone: Go to the phone settings menu on your device and turn on Wi-Fi Calling.
    Android: Go to Call Settings, Quick Settings, or Connections Settings on your device and turn on Wi-Fi Calling.

    3. During setup, you’ll need to provide an address for 911 emergency call routing. You don’t need any additional software or apps.

    4. Once Wi-Fi Calling is enabled on your device, your phone will need to connect to an available Wi-Fi network. Remember, Wi-Fi Calling is used automatically if your cellular signal is weak or unavailable or if you are traveling outside the Domestic Coverage Area and connected to a Wi-Fi network.
    Where will Wi-Fi Calling work?

    Wi-Fi Calling can be used with just about any Wi-Fi Internet connection. To work, Wi-Fi Calling must be on and you must be connected to a Wi-Fi Internet network. Some Wi-Fi networks block Wi-Fi Calling. (1) Within the Domestic Coverage Area: Use Wi-Fi Calling in places like basements or rooms without windows where it may be difficult for a cellular signal to reach. (2) Outside the Domestic Coverage Area: Use Wi-Fi Calling when you are connected to Wi-Fi even if a cellular signal is available. Wi-Fi Calling is restricted and will be unavailable in certain countries. If you are in a country where it is unavailable, Wi-Fi Calling should be turned off.

    Wi-Fi Calling is restricted in the following countries: China, Saudi Arabia, India, Turkey, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Pakistan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

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    The iPhone 4 does not support Wi-Fi calling or VoLTE. The iPhone 6 and up supports it.

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