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A new report from IDC crowns Xiaomi as the new world leader in the sales of wearable tech. The report uses data gathered from July to September of this year, a period which included the launch of the Apple Watch Series 4.

From the source:

Xiaomi grabbed the top position during the quarter thanks to the success of the Mi Band 3 and significant expansion beyond its home country of China. Though typically China accounts for well over 80% of Xiaomi's shipment volume, this quarter that share fell to 61% as the company managed to grow its presence in other markets such as India, Europe, and Middle East & Africa.
And here are the numbers:

6.9 million units shipped
21.5% market share

4.2 million units shipped
13.1% market share

3.5 million units shipped
10.9% market share

It certainly helps that China's appetite for fitness bands and smartwatches is double that of the United States; year-over-year growth was 21.4% for the former and -0.4% for the latter. It also helps that the Mi Band 3 goes for less than $30 USD on either GearBest or GeekBuying.

Source: IDC via Wareable