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Thread: IPad 5GB of data for 5 months Only $10

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    Just curious if anyone else is seeing this - today mine just went sideways and doesn't connect (will go full-bars, then No Service, then the same thing over and over) - the account looks like it's still active. It doesn't look like a service issue in my area (other T-Mobile devices are working). I'm using it on a removable Apple SIM (like the early iPad Pros, Air 2, etc.). T-Force is "looking into it," but these plans always throw them for a loop. Out of curiosity/troubleshooting/desperation to make sure it wasn't a hardware issue, I bought a cheap Sprint broadband pass with the same SIM and it's working fine (good to see how Sprint was in my area, too).

    If it doesn't end up resolving itself, I may grab a T-Mobile SIM and/or buy a new pass, as I suspect something got screwed up on their end.

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    I just tried the 200mb on my iPad and it connects ,
    It's a 3G iPad
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    I'm eperience something weird too. I'm at a complete loss at figuring out what's going on and am affraid to call for fear they will fix it.

    Going back to November, I signed up for the $10 2GB tablet prepaid plan. Worked fine, I burned through the data and let it lapse. End of December, I put the sim in my phone and call 611 to load $10 on the account. I wait all day, data never activates. I call 611 and talk to a CSR, the gentleman turns on my data and all is fine. I stop using the sim in my ipad and just put the ipad way and haven't used it in weeks, I hate the thing. Today I decide I want to use the $10 plan again. I put the sim in my phone and dial 611 to load $10 on the account. I first check the balance, it says "zero dollars, unlimited data and zero data used." WTF! I ask to check the transaction history, nothing for the last 30 days. I hang up and sure enough Data is working on my phone. I put the sim in my unlocked ATT Nighhawk Hotspot and data works. I put the sim in my Ipad and data works. Surely they must have billed my card. I look at all my credit cards and bank account, nothing from TMobile since Dec. Today I burned through 2.4GB of data and still am getting 16Mbps of LTE. Tethering to my ipad is working too.

    What the heck happened? I'll keep watching my cards but this is bazarre. I hope it keeps working. I think I'll go play lotto tonight.

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