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Thread: Do the Prepaid data-only plans work with phones?

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    Do the Prepaid data-only plans work with phones?

    Basically I don't need voice/text since I use Google Voice for everything. Will these plans work if just using a phone instead of a tablet device?

    I've heard different things, such as they'll work with non-branded or unlocked phones but not T-Mobile ones & they use some kind of internal check. Has anyone tried it? Wanna make sure so I don't waste time/money.

    This forum posts suggests it won't work

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    Yes it works fine on any device that accepts a T-mobile SIM. If you order the SIM and plan online it can check your device and tell you whether it will work or not. I have used it on T-mobile branded devices and non T-Mobile devices and it works. You will only get SMS from T-Mobile or their partners so it can be used for some services if an authorization SMS is needed, but not all work. Also, you can call T-Mobile Customer Service at 611 from the phone with the data-only SIM.

    I was not able to switch an existing T-Mobile phone number to this plan. It seems like you need to get a new number or port in from another carrier.

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