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Thread: How Taiwan isn't (and is) China

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    Quote Originally Posted by smsgator View Post
    I won't eat at a Chinese restaurant if more than 10% of the customers inside are white.

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    If I had that policy, I would never eat at a Chinese restaurant. just about the only East Asians I ever see in my area are those *working* in Chinese restaurants.

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    That's not the only country where the common name is different from the official name. The country of Macedonia for years officially called itself "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" in order to placate aggressive nationalists in its southern neighbor. But just about everyone has called it Macedonia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotABiot View Post
    ACurrie, you said "and by the likes of Air Canada and Marriott Hotels bowing to mainland pressure and listing Taiwanese destinations as part of the PRC. But make no mistake"

    The web site for Marriott Hotels clearly distinguishes the nations of eastern Asia. I am not sure where they bowed, but not on the hotel search map: it shows Taiwan as a country, same as Philippines, Cambodia, and Indonesia. There is an entirely separate designation for China's many provinces like Hainan. The separate texts lists for hotels in each country in Asia also list China as being separate from the Taiwan listings.
    Look what shows up on Marriott's web site when you search for Taiwan:

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    I'd be concerned that there might be a city in China named "Taiwan" and that I'd be booking a room there instead of in Taiwan R.O.C.. But of course I would not book a Marriott anywhere because of their kowtowing.

    Plenty of locally owned, non-flag hotels in Taiwan to stay at. I've stayed many times at The Regent (well that is a flag hotel, but the company selected it), whose web site solves the whole problem by just listing hotels by city name. I've stayed at The Brother which is right next to where my company's office once was, When I was paying, I stayed at the Y Hotel, which was just fine too .

    Similarly, in China, I'll stay at locally owned hotels.

    After what happened in China yesterday I may forego any visits to the PRC for a while.

    But I will be happy to visit "Taiwan Porridge Kingdom" which also shows up in the Marriott search for Taiwan.
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