Overview of Sony XPERIA E4 cell phone

The Xperia E4 stands at the same height as an iPhone 6 – some 137mm.

It sports a low-resolution, scratch-resistant five-inch display.

Holding the E4 in your right hand is hampered by Sony's volume rocker placement

Unfortunately, the 960x540pixel screen is a little washed-out and quickly looks drab in sunlight.

The E4 sports a bulbous back which curves and makes the handset comfortable to use in one hand.

Holding the E4 in your right hand is hampered by Sony's volume rocker placement.

The volume controls are housed underneath the power button – which sits halfway down the E4's right edge.

I found myself either knocking the buttons by mistake when picking up the phone, or struggling to contort my thumb when I wanted to alter the volume.

The spongey build quality to the buttons only aggravates the issue.

Although the rear case on the E4 can be removed – there is no option to swap out the battery.

But this hardly matters as the E4 has staggeringly longevity.

Sony says the battery will last two days but in our tests – it can outlive even those lofty expectations.

However, there is support to expand the handset's memory by 32 GB using a microSD.

This will be essential for anyone who wants to load up their smartphone with photos, videos or music, since only 5GB of the 8GB internal storage is free.

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