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Thread: Landline transfers to H2O

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    Landline transfers to H2O

    I am planning to transfer my landline number to H2O wireless. I talked to customer service today and they told me that porting landline number should not be a problem. However, it may take upto 30 days for the number to transfer. Does anybody have experience with landline number ports and how long they take.


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    They take longer and are somewhat more complicated. Having said that, I've done three successfully, to different MVNOs. Just make sure you have all the information from the landline carrier, and a paper bill might be helpful. A few years back I ported a business landline to H2O and it worked on a cell phone for a day or two then quit working. Nobody at H2O could help. When I inquired with the landline carrier, there was some glitch and supposedly I didn't jump through all the hoops to release the landline number. To further complicate that situation, the landline phone was in the name of a business and my name was not on the account when it had been set up years beforehand. As long as the landline phone is in your name, it should only require diligence and patience on your part.
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